A video game console is specifically designed to play video games. The launch of Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4 and other video game consoles has proved to be a great help for videogame lovers. No matter what game console you use, you also need a two-factor authentication zip code. The addition of zip code and two-factor authentication can be done from the console or from the web browser. If you do not follow these steps, your account and personal information will be vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Nintendo Switch

To enable this security feature (zip code and two-factor authentication) in your Nintendo account, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Log in to your Nintendo account with the registered ID
  3. Now, choose your icon followed by the Configuration
  4. Click on “Login and security settings”
  5. Scroll down to find the “2-step verification settings” option
  6. To scan the Nintendo QR code and store your two-factor authentication settings on your mobile device, you will need an additional authentication application, such as Cathy or Google Authenticator. Once you enable security settings, verify your registered email ID to see the verification code. This code will be requested during the verification process.

Now, open the authentication application on your smartphone, scan the QR code and provide the series of verification numbers to carry out this process. Now you will see a series of backup codes; Store these codes in a safe place, such as the password manager. This would help you recover your password in case you switch to a new smartphone and forget to transfer your authenticator.

Sony PlayStation 4

To implement security on Sony PS4, you must follow these steps:

  • Log in to your PlayStation account, choose your profile picture
  • Choose the account settings
  • Visit Security on the Account Management page
  • Now, choose the two-step verification option
  • Enter your phone number to link it to your account
  • You will need a verification code
  • Check your inbox for the text message (required if you log in from any unrecognized device)
  • For added security, you can also add a password to your PS4. This will also restrict the access of unauthorized persons to your account. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Visit Configurations on your PS4
  • Now, choose Login Settings, uncheck “Log in to PS4 automatically”
  • Now, choose Passcode Management
  • Now you can use the buttons of your Dual Shock 4 controller to enter the password
  • Enter the password
  • Your PS4 is all safe!

Microsoft Xbox One

Adding a key to your console will protect you from your naughty children trying to change parental control settings. This will also prevent unauthorized purchases. To add the zip code, follow these steps:

  1. Open the guide by clicking on the Xbox logo
  2. Go to Settings and choose All configurations followed by Account
  3. Now, click on Login, security and password
  4. Provide the access key using the buttons on the Xbox One controller
  5. Your game console is protected
    Like the protection of Xbox One, you must also protect your Microsoft account to prevent the theft of your personal information. For this, you can add two-factor authentication to the account associated with your game console. The best part of adding the security key is that it does not ask you to follow a complex set of instructions. Simply, follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:

Visit Xbox.com (or Microsoft.com)

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose your user icon
  3. Now, click View Microsoft account
  4. Go to the menu bar and choose Security
  5. Now press “More security options” below the Security basics section
  6. From here, you can enable two-factor authentication with popular applications, such as Google Authenticator and Kathy.
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