Intel Security will become McAfee in April 2017, according to Chris Young, general manager of Intel Security and future CEO of the new organization, in which Intel will have a 49% stake.

“When we become an autonomous organization, we will be one of the largest unadulterated digital security organizations on the planet,” he told the annual Intel Security Focus meeting in Las Vegas.

“Not only will we be one of the greatest, however, we will not rest until we achieve our goal of being the best,” said Young.

This is the main focus since Intel reported on agreements to deactivate its security business as a free organization in association with the venture company TPG, five years after the acquisition of McAfee.

Young focused on his vision of the new company, his roadmap to achieve that, the need for rapid innovation and the importance of collaboration between industries.

“One of the things I love about this conference is that we all come together to find ways to win, to work together,” he said.

First, Young highlighted the publication of the book The Second Economy: the race for trust, treasure and time in the war of cybersecurity.

The main objective of the book is to help the information security officers (CISO) to communicate the battles that everyone faces in front of others in the c-suite.

“So we can recruit them into our fight, we need to recruit others on our journey if we want to be successful,” he said.

Challenging assumptions

The book is also aimed at encouraging information security professionals to challenge their own assumptions.

“I plan to send two copies of this book to the winner of the US presidential election, because cybersecurity is going to be one of the most important issues they could face,” said Young.

“The book is about giving more people a vision of the dynamism of what we face in cybersecurity, which is why we have to continually challenge our assumptions,” he said. “That’s why we challenge our assumptions in the book, as well as our assumptions about what we do every day.”

Young said Intel Security had asked thousands of customers to challenge the company’s assumptions in the last 18 months so that it could improve.

“This week, we are going to bring many of those comments to life in delivering a lot of innovation throughout our portfolio,” he said.

Then, Young used a video to underscore the message that the McAfee brand is based on the belief that there is power to work together, and that no person, product or organization can provide total security.

By allowing protection, detection and correction to work together, the company believes it can react to cyber threats more quickly.

By linking products from different suppliers to work together, the company believes that network security improves. By bringing together companies to share intelligence on threats, you can find better ways to protect each other.

The company said that cyber crime is the biggest challenge of the digital era, and this can only be overcome by working together. Revealed a new slogan: “Together is power”.

The video also revealed the logo of the new independent company, which Young called a symbol of its new beginning and a visual representation of what is essential to the company’s strategy.

“The shield means defense, and the two intertwined components are a symbol of the union that we are in the industry,” he said. “The color red is a callback to our legacy in the industry.”

Three main reasons for independence

According to Young, there are three main reasons behind the decision to become an independent company.

First of all, it should focus entirely on enterprise-level cybersecurity, solve customers ‘cybersecurity problems and address clients’ cybersecurity challenges.

The second is innovation. “Because we are committed and dedicated to cybersecurity only at the company level, our innovation is focused on that,” said Young.

Third is growth. “Our industry is moving faster than any other IT sub-segment, we have to grow as fast, if not faster than everything that is happening in our space,” he said.

The new company will have 7,500 employees and more than $ 2 billion in revenues with a growing profit base.

“The challenges in our industry have advanced and so have we,” said Young. “We are waiting and we will accelerate what we are doing as a new organization so that we can be better at solving security challenges in the future.”