Infoblox Inc., the network control company that Provides Actionable Network Intelligence, today announced improvements in its partnership with McAfee. The partnership will offer organizations a higher level of sophisticated threat intelligence, as well as a faster response time to combat cyber threats. The complex threat landscape of today can not compete with organizations protected only by disparate security tools; the lack of interoperability and the exchange of intelligence of data or threats between systems and solutions prevents companies from responding effectively to the increasing number of attacks.

Powered through behavioral analysis, machine learning and threat intelligence data updated in the DNS layer, the comprehensive solution can identify potentially infected devices and block DNS-based data filtering, including zero-day attacks. Suspicious traffic is redirected from those devices to McAfee® Web Gateway Cloud Services for deeper levels of content inspection, including malware scanning and SSL inspection. In addition, by sharing threat engagement and intelligence indicators between Infoblox ActiveTrust® and McAfee Data Exchange Layer, organizations can gain visibility into DNS security events, consolidate security tools, and enable security orchestration to accelerate response and the solution of incidents.

“Infoblox, a leader in DNS security, together with McAfee Support, a leader in cybersecurity from device to cloud, can now help organizations close the gap between security tools and allow the organization of workflow in solutions,” he said. Kanaiya Vasani, vice president of business development at Infoblox. “Leveraging the DNS as the first line of defense, this partnership will provide enhanced protection against attacks, help identify malicious behavior and apply content policies.” The use of the McAfee cyber security suite allows for more traffic inspection, more detailed policies for Content filtering and workflow orchestration for automated remediation. ”

The integration unifies domain blocking and HTTP security to provide more comprehensive protection for common clients. The capabilities include:

Proactive and adaptive protection in several layers of connection attempts, with a greater web traffic inspection by McAfee Web Gateway for suspicious connections, but not yet condemned, identified by Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud.

A broader threat intelligence that leverages the combined capabilities of McAfee and Infoblox threat intelligence for better protection.

Faster detection of malicious traffic and exfiltration of data from infected endpoints or suspicious users, regardless of their location. Automatic redirection of ActiveTrust Cloud to McAfee Web Gateway ensures that business data is protected in real time.

“The lack of interoperability and the inability to share threat intelligence in security solutions inhibit an organization’s ability to respond effectively to ever-growing threats,” said DJ Long, director of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance. “The integration between McAfee and Infoblox enriches an organization’s ability to provide protection for non-web protocols through DNS, while improving the visibility of web traffic and allowing customers to share the threat indicator for a faster response and effective. ”

For more information on the Infoblox and McAfee solution, read the solution summary or get a hands-on demonstration at the RSA Conference, April 16-20 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, booth # 2405 South Hall. Additional details can be found in this blog post.

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